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Studio Lab 2 – Link July 2, 2010

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Studio Lab 2


TechPost #1 June 21, 2010

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Cell Phone in Contemporary Society

Cell phone and advanced cell phone in contemporary society

Cell phone has become a necessity of many people throughout the world. They had obviously taken an important role in keep in touch with family, friends, and business associates. Today’s cell phones with advanced technologies, are capable in not only placing and receiving phone calls and text messages, but also taking pictures, storing data, gaming, internet access, checking email, and even be used as walkie talkies, GPS, and MP3 players. These kind of high-end mobile phones which offer many advanced computing ability are called smart phones.

Smart phone, which is also called PEC-Phone (Pocket Entertainment Computer-Phone), is the trend of cell phones’ development. A smart phone may be thought as a handheld computer that integrated with mobile telephone. The demand of smart phone is the fastest growing segment of the cell phone market throughout the world.

With cell phones, users can contact with others even when they are moving around wide areas. By using advanced cell phones, sometimes with 3G or Wi-Fi technology, smart phones can help users do almost everything in almost everywhere. Cell phones are broadly used in all industries, for example, nursing, as I will mention later in this article.

Summary of the chosen article

In this article, the author supports the idea that smart phones will take a much more significant role in nursing, and will surely take place of PDAs or other certain kinds of devices.

Smart phone is a kind of new mobile technological device but rapidly successful developed in recent years. It has more advanced features than PDAs, which refers to personal digital assistants. The author said that although smart phones are not yet universally accepted in the healthcare sector, many studies have demonstrated an increased use of PDAs and other mobile devices in healthcare sector, and many experts predict that this technology will soon become an essential component of hospital operations.

Because a nurse’s job is highly information intensive, smart phones would allow them to input clinical data into the records of patients. However, though the smartphones may provide some help in the nursing workflow, the nurses still may not choose smart phones.

Because smart phones are not only be used in hospital settings, the attitude toward using a smart phone is affected by seven things according to the researches in this article. The seven factors are: the user’s compatibility with a smart phone, the observability of a smart phone, the relevance of a smart phone to the user’s job, the user’s personal demographics, the user’s personal experience, the user’s internal environment and the user’s external environment.

In conclusion, the author emphasized that smart phones are capable in changing the way healthcare is delivered, because smart phones integrated multiple and varied technological functions into a single portable and versatile device.

The positive  effect brought by this technology

  • Smart phones do help nurses much more than PDAs do. They are more easy and convenient to handle with, more portable and functional for them while dealing with different situation or record different data for the patients. Although, these kinds of smart phones may need to be settled more professional and specific for nurses.
  • The using of this kind of technological devices is increasing, not only in healthcare sector, but also in many other industries and societies.
  • Many people today have cell phones, because it becomes a necessity for people in the contemporary society. However, the emergence of smart phone breaks the boundary between cell phones and computers. They allows people dealing with daily works and communication together with only one portable device, without carrying heavy laptops although smart phones still cannot totally take place of computers.

New way out

Cell phones or the advanced ones we mentioned above as smart phones have many limits too. They have limited available screen size, and users often express discontent in the readability. They are high carbon and not very environmentally friend. Most smartphones in the market are big and heavy, which are not very suitable for carrying around.

If we can make a chip to instead a giant cell phone but with all functions inside it, it will make a more low-carbon environmental and more convenient way of communication.

This chip can be installed in all kinds of living goods. For example, glasses. Users can install the chip to their glasses, since they may wear the glasses every day, so it is the same that they carrying their cell phone every day.

The working principle of this chip is that users by pressing the installed chip, a vision of transparent screen will show up before the user, they can adjust the distance by pull or push the hologram, and the hologram works like a touch screen with vibrating or some kind of feedback.

This kind new technology may contain all the functions that a smart phone may have, and still solve the problem of screen size. The advanced chip with the features of low radiation, low-carbon, low-cost, saves lot natural resources and much more easier to carry around. It will become the trend of cell phone technology in the future.


Gavin J. Putzer, MD, PhD, MPH, and Yangil Park, PhD. The Effects of Innovation Factors on Smartphone Adoption among Nurses in Community Hospitals





Studio Lab activity 1– Link June 11, 2010

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Here is the link of our group assignment!~

Check it out!!~lol~



Hello world! May 21, 2010

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