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StudioLab 4 August 4, 2010

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Fictional Facebook Profile

Wenwen Chen


Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He was an inventor and artist. He studied painting in England and achieved some suuccess.  He developed the concept of a single-wire telegraph, and well-known for the Morse code. The original Morse telegraph is now part of the collections of the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution. And the Morse code became the primary language of telegraphy in the world. Most information I put in the fictional facebook profile is found on the website. The information is connected with Samuel Finley Breese Morse’s life experiences and his contribution to the world.

He will always be known as the great inventor of Morse code.

Pictures of the Fictional Facebook Profile:


StudioLab 3 July 16, 2010

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By doing this collective research project, we learnt how to use a wiki to cooperate in a group project. Wiki allows us to separate our jobs in questions or to say, pages, in this specific project. Every student can easily edit others’ jobs with a computer. Wiki also allows us to make an outline as we want in order to better operating our project. My favorite part of this wiki is that it will send you e-mail when the wiki page is updated by others, with which I do not have to check the page all the time. However, this ‘send e-mail’ idea could be a problem if the load of members in the group is too large. For instance, a group has 100 members, every member edit the wiki page once a day, that is to say, you probably will receive 99 e-mails in one day, people will surely be bothered by those e-mails. Another problem is, every person who has an account in Wetpaint.com can join and edit the project. It makes the information less secure and less reliable. With the traditional way of group project,group members sitting around in the same room, members have to sacrifice time in travelling to the meeting place, spending time in listening others’ opinion, probably writing down some notes, and so on. By using a wiki, members neither have to spend time in travelling nor listening. What they need to do is to find some time get online with a computer and check the wiki, see whether others’ posted any ideas, and edit them if they have some new ideas. Generally speaking, wiki changed the way people working on some projects, make a group meeting more casual and easier in time arranging.


Studio Lab 2 – Link July 2, 2010

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Studio Lab 2


Studio Lab activity 1– Link June 11, 2010

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Here is the link of our group assignment!~

Check it out!!~lol~